Georgia’s Environmental Outlook (GEO) is a Non-Profit Legal Entity aiming at promoting effective environmental governance and inclusive sustainable development, as well as fostering introduction of best practices as a response to emerging environmental challenges in Georgia.  More specifically, the goal of GEO is to support developing and implementing environmental policies and regulations as well as planning and law enforcing processes at central and local levels. The organization promotes cooperation between stakeholders and supports public-private dialogue as well as capacity building of diverse organizations including state agencies in meeting existing and upcoming requirements stipulated by the EU-Georgia Association Agreement (AA), other international treaties and national legislation.
GEO unites professionals with extensive work experience in water resources management, waste management, forestry and other fields of environment and nature protection, policy making and planning, project management, strategic communications, stakeholder engagement, awareness raising and institutional capacity building. GEO members have facilitated various processes aiming at interpreting and adapting Georgian environmental legislation/policies to the EU Directives as envisaged by the EU-Georgia Association Agreement.

Long work experience of the team members with governmental sector has equipped the team with excellent knowledge of the national policy, legislation and institutional set-up in Georgia as well as established practices. Profound understanding of the country background situation, environmental problems, major challenges, trends and perspectives as well as good professional network make the GEO team unique.

Promote effective environmental governance
Enable inclusive sustainable development
Foster introduction of best environmental practices
Strengthen protection of environmental rights
Facilitate public participation in decision-making on environmental matters
Promote environmental education and facilitate environmental awareness raising
Support cooperation and dialogue among stakeholders
Support capacity building of public, academic and civil society organizations
Promote sustainable consumption and production

Founder/Program Manager

Project Manager/Senior Environmental Expert

Project Manager/Senior Environmental Expert

Strategic Communication Manager

Head of Board/
Chief of Administration

Legal Affairs Manager

Management Services and Communications Specialist